Omm turns 1 year old

Omm turns 1 year old

Omm launched on 24 August 2021. Here’s a summary of milestones and achievements from the past year.

To celebrate Omm’s first birthday, the Omm contributors tweeted about Omm every hour for 24 hours. The tweets started at exactly 5am UTC, the time Omm launched 1 year ago.

In case you missed it, here are the celebratory tweets in full:

5am Wednesday

6am Wednesday

7am Wednesday

8am Wednesday

9am Wednesday

10am Wednesday

11am Wednesday

12pm Wednesday

1pm Wednesday

2pm Wednesday

3pm Wednesday

4pm Wednesday

5pm Wednesday

6pm Wednesday

7pm Wednesday

8pm Wednesday

9pm Wednesday

10pm Wednesday

11pm Wednesday

12am Thursday

1am Thursday

2am Thursday

3am Thursday

4am Thursday

Lean more about Omm

Still curious after 24 tweets? You can learn more on the Omm website, the Omm user guide, and elsewhere in the Omm blog.

Omm’s community is ready to support new users via Discord and the Omm forum.