Roadmap update | April 2022

Roadmap update | April 2022

Boosted OMM, smart contract migration, content marketing efforts, and community initiatives.

In March, the Omm contributors were mostly focused on preparations for the Boosted OMM update and Java smart contract migration.

Boosted OMM

The hard work is almost complete for the Boosted OMM (bOMM) upgrade.

The developers have completed the smart contract changes, and are now running integration tests and planning the migration process to the new locked OMM model.

The interface is also nearly complete and being tested internally, so you can expect to see a community testnet version in April. The early contributors will release more details and guidance around bOMM at the same time, in order to help the community understand how it will work and prepare them for the upcoming governance proposal.

Java smart contract migration

The Omm smart contracts are in the process of being converted from Python to Java. The Rewards contract has been completed, and was updated on mainnet last week. A community developer has also rewritten some of the smaller contracts, which are currently in code review.

After the Boosted OMM upgrade has been released, the early contributors will turn their focus to the remaining smart contracts, including the more complex lending pool contracts.

Omm content marketing

The Balanced Dollars market consistently has the highest interest rates of any stablecoin market on Omm. To highlight bnUSD and help newcomers get started, the early contributors published a new blog post:

How to get Balanced Dollars and use them on Omm

More blog posts are coming in the pipeline, including one about IUSDC, the difference between Omm and Balanced, and a complete guide to Omm's stablecoin markets.

The early contributors are also working on a 'Why Omm' page for the website, and refining Omm's voice and tone to add more harmony to the brand and better fit with the visual identity.

If there's any other content you'd like to see from the official Omm channels, let @ommfinance know on Twitter.

Omm Monks initiatives

The Omm Monks continue to support Omm with various education and community engagement initiatives on Discord and through their @monksacademy Twitter account.

They've hosted several tutorial sessions, with another planned for this week:

They ran a promotion to encourage reviews on, which the early contributors plan to add to the website. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing, so if you haven't written a review yet, consider leaving one here.

The Monks continue to engage the community on Twitter and Discord, and donate OMM tips to those who answer questions, help other community members, or share content related to Omm on Twitter.

And just this week, they've unveiled some Monks NFTs to reward community engagement – check out the details on Twitter:

Optimus integration

Optimus is a yield optimiser that maximises your return on investment with the least risk possible.

This week the Optimus team added two Omm investment strategies to the platform, which they released alongside an updated UI.

  • Lender: Deposit ICX to earn interest and OMM from the ICON market, as well as Optimus' FIN token. Optimus will also claim and stake the OMM on your behalf.
  • Staker: Deposit OMM to earn OMM staking rewards, which Optimus will claim and stake on your behalf.

If you're an Optimus user or want to try it out, head over to

Targets for April

The early contributors will continue to focus on Java contract migration, but most of their efforts will be centred around the Boosted OMM upgrade. Specifically, they plan to:

  • Release the bOMM community testnet
  • Publish bOMM-related content to guide the community
  • Resume bOMM discussions on the forum
  • Submit a bOMM governance proposal

If everything goes according to plan and the community approves the change, bOMM could be live in around a month.

Anything else you'd like to see in the Omm pipeline? Leave a comment on the forum or in Discord.