Roadmap update | December 2021

Roadmap update | December 2021

Onboarding content, dark mode support, interest history charts, and more.

In November, the Omm contributors:

Governance updates and discussions

The community has approved one new proposal: OIP4, which will A/B test the OMM allocated to suppliers and borrowers for IUSDC, USDS, and bnUSD.

A few proposal discussions are still ongoing, but expect to see a vote for them soon:

Make sure to take a look and have your say.

Omm in the media

Hashoshi published another video that walks people through how to use Omm to earn on their cryptoassets. It's 16 minutes, and well worth the watch.

Omm was also the focus of a TikTok video produced by Arcade Node:‌

Upcoming feature: interest history charts

View the historical interest rates for each market, recorded 4 times per day.

The Omm markets use a variable interest rate. These rates can change significantly based on supply and demand, which makes it hard to assess the average benefit/cost of taking an action.

To help people with their supply and borrow decisions, the early contributors are adding an interest chart to each market. These charts will show the previous interest rates (excluding OMM), recorded every 6 hours. The bulk of the work has been done, all that's left is to collect more data and test it thoroughly.

Targets for December

During December, the Omm contributors plan to:

  • Finish and release the interest history charts
  • Prepare for the ICY snapshot
  • Begin work on an Omm stats page
  • Work on mobile optimisation
  • Enhance the blog design
  • Enhance the forum design
  • Continue to research the potential usage of protocol fees
  • Continue to research potential improvements in token economics

Omm is a DAO, so if there’s anything you think the contributors should prioritise work on, let us know on the forum or in Discord.