Roadmap update | June 2022

Roadmap update | June 2022

Boosted OMM is ready for mainnet, and an update from the Omm Monks.

In May, the Omm contributors worked to finalise the Boosted OMM feature.

All bOMM-related smart contracts have been updated to Java and pushed to the Sejong testnet, where the developers continue to test them. The bOMM community testnet has been updated to use the Java contracts, and the interface has been tweaked to further enhance the UX.

The final version of the bOMM community testnet is live on for everyone to try. To learn more about bOMM, including how to try it on the testnet, take a look at the Boosted OMM blog post:

About Boosted OMM
bOMM will replace the OMM staking model, and it’s now ready for the community to test and discuss.

Unless the community raises any issues, a bOMM proposal will be posted on the Omm forum within the next week, and can then be put to a vote. If you want to participate, make sure your OMM is staked in preparation.

If approved, bOMM can be pushed to mainnet the same day the vote ends, and you'll be prompted to migrate your staked OMM when you next visit the Rewards or Vote page.

During May, the Omm contributors also:

Omm Monks update

Last week, the Omm Monks published their monthly update. During May, they focused on NFTs and related campaigns to drive community engagement.

This included:

  • Growing their Monks Collaborate collection to 24 NFTs
  • Giving away 14 Monks Create NFTs
  • Minting Claws and Yetis (YTSC) NFTs during their pre/public sales, to raffle to Monks Create NFT holders

They also hosted several Monks Academy sessions:

The Monks also ran weekly quiz competitions on Discord, where they gave away Common Monks NFTs as prizes. Overall, the NFTs have been a big success for increasing engagement within the Omm community. We've never seen the Discord channel so lively.

If you haven't read their monthly update yet, make sure to take a look:

Monks Dao Fund Progress Report-3rd Month
Overview Whilst March was about Marketing, and April was about Community engagement via competitions, the month of May the focus has been about the Monks Collaborate NFT collection. We quickly realized with overall market sentiment being low, spending funds on marketing wouldn’t be the most optimal…

Targets for June

  • Submit Boosted OMM to a vote
  • Launch bOMM on mainnet (if approved)
  • Update the website and docs for bOMM
  • Start migrating the final smart contracts to Java
  • Continue forum discussion about Karma Bond integration
  • Add dark mode to the blog