Roadmap update | March 2022

Roadmap update | March 2022

Boosted OMM preparations, Omm Monks DAO Fund, Java smart contract migration, and more.

Token economics enhancements were the main focus in February, with preparations for Boosted OMM well underway. The Omm Monks DAO Fund proposal was approved, and we published a new blog post for ICX holders.

Boosted OMM

Discussions are ongoing to enhance the OMM token economics using a model similar to Curve. As discussed in the last roadmap update, we launched a 3-day poll on Twitter to narrow down the name of this feature. Boosted OMM (bOMM) was the clear winner:

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Thanks to groundwork laid by the Balanced community developers, the Boosted OMM smart contract changes are coming along quickly, and should be ready for the testnet later this month.

An updated interface has been designed and is in the process of being built, so it can be tested alongside the smart contracts. Here's a sneak preview:

The Boosted OMM UI, which will replace the Staking section on the Rewards page.
The updated Overview section on the Vote page. 

OIP 8: Omm Monks DAO Fund

The Omm Monks' request for funds to grow the community was approved by OMM holders. They've already worked with some devs to add an OMM tipping bot to Discord*, ramped up their Twitter activity, and hosted several Monks Academy sessions, and we can expect to see even more from them soon.

Follow @monksacademy on Twitter to stay up to date.

*To benefit from the OMM tipping bot, contribute to the community discussions on Discord.

Targets for March

Over the next month, the Omm contributors plan to:

  • Deploy the Boosted OMM smart contracts and UI to the testnet
  • Migrate the smart contracts from Python to Java
  • Produce more content for the Omm website and blog
  • Begin work on an Omm Stats page

Anything else you'd like to see in the Omm pipeline? Leave a comment on the forum or in Discord.