Roadmap update | October 2022

Roadmap update | October 2022

Karma Bond integration, all smart contracts converted to Java, and upcoming mobile improvements.

September was a busy month for the Omm contributors, with most of their time spent converting the final smart contracts from Python to Java and completing the Karma Bond integration.

They also:

  • Relaunched on the Berlin testnet
  • Finalised enhancements to make the app more useful for mobile users
  • Added information about P-Rep incentives to the Omm docs
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the vote indicator from being displayed on active proposals

Karma Bond integration

During September, the contributors finalised the changes required for the Karma Bond integration, and a proposal was submitted to launch the first round of OMM bonds.

The details for OIP 11 — the first Karma Bond proposal.

The bond round was set up to last 10 days (if too many bonds were sold in a single day, the discount would turn negative), and all bonds were sold out by that time.

Thanks to this round of bonds, Omm now owns an additional $25,000 of OMM liquidity. The Karma team will provide further analysis on the bonds and recommend the next steps, which they expect to post on the Omm forum soon.

Upcoming app enhancements

Omm is about to be even easier to use on mobile. The enhancements will surface all the details that were previously hidden at smaller screen sizes, so people can view the information they need when they're on the go.

The Omm demo has already been updated so everyone can preview the changes. Expect to see them integrated into the app soon.

As part of this update, an indicator will be added to the ICON P-Reps who offer voting incentives. The final detail on our radar is to emphasise the ICX staking APY for the ICON market (thanks to Rook5677 for this suggestion!).

Boosted OMM update

At the time of publishing, 40.75 million OMM have now been locked in 1160 wallets, and 21.8 million bOMM have been created. That makes for an average lock-up time of 2.14 years, consistent with what we reported in the September roadmap update.

1 bOMM is now equivalent to 2.02 ICX of voting power, a 7.45% increase from last month.

Not sure who to delegate your ICX to? Make sure to check the  Omm docs for details about P-Rep incentives. If you're a P-Rep who offers incentives to Omm voters and aren't on the list, fill in this form.

Omm Monks update

During September, the Omm Monks put substantial effort into organising and hosting a poker tournament with the help of the Mirai Media team.

83 community members took part for their chance to win one of 8 prize packages. The poker tournament lasted 3 hours, and a great time was had by all.

Check out these tweets to see a list of the prizes and who won them:

Plans for October

During October, the Omm contributors plan to:

  • Publish the app enhancements for mobile users
  • Emphasise the ICX staking APY for the ICON market
  • Continue to explore an arbitrary call function
  • Analyse the results of the first round of Karma bonds
  • Continue working on a Why Omm page for the marketing site

Anything else you'd like to see in the Omm pipeline? Let us know on the forum or in Discord.