How to pronounce ‘Omm’ and ‘OMM’

How to pronounce ‘Omm’ and ‘OMM’

Omm and OMM are not the same. Learn how to say them correctly.

Ever since Omm launched in 2021, there’s been occasional low-level confusion about its name.

Omm, the DeFi protocol, is not the same as OMM, the governance token.

Allow this to be your definitive guide to the truth about Omm (and OMM)…

How to pronounce ‘Omm’

Omm — the money market made for everyone — is pronounced as it’s written: omm.

Omm rhymes with mom.

The name reflects Omm’s founding intent as an open money market, and also its calm, spiritual ethos: om may be familiar to you as a meditation chant.

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How to pronounce ‘OMM’

OMM is pronounced oh-em-em.

OMM is the ticker symbol for the Omm Token, which is the governance token for the Omm community.

OMM holders can lock up OMM to earn rewards and vote on governance issues. OMM holders can also supply OMM to a market or liquidity pool to earn even more rewards. Take a look at What can you do with your Omm Tokens? for more information.

You can lock up OMM, supply it to the market, and participate in governance all from the Omm app.

Don’t forget ‘bOMM’

When OMM is locked up, it creates Boosted OMM (bOMM) – a non-transferable token that boosts the OMM rewards you can earn by using Omm.

Boosted OMM is pronounced boosted omm.

bOMM is pronounced be-omm.

This is inconsistent with the pronunciation of ‘OMM’ (oh-em-em) for good reason: speaking the 5 syllables in boosted-oh-em-em is just a bit too much work.

Got questions?

Omm’s community is ready to support new users via Discord and the Omm forum.